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Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace, Small, Dark Walnut


The sophisticated indoor Real Flame 5950E Chateau Corner Electric Fireplace is designed to work without the need for ventilation. The device burns isopropyl alcohol to generate heat. The firebox contains 1400 watt heater has a rating of more than 4700 BTU/Hr.  The fireplace construction has 9 panels with 3 panel supports. The materials used for construction are solid wood and veneered Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). You can plug in the fireplace to a standard power outlet of 110-120 volts. The main heating components are the firebox and the mantel. The supporting elements are the screen kit and remote control. The finishing is dark walnut.

Real Flame 59050E Mantel Design

  • Base Panel: – The base panel provides support for the other mounted panels. Te extension of the panel from the front part to the rear holds the entire fireplace conduction.
  • Side Panels: – The two side panels (left and right) provide support to the top mounted panels of the fireplace. Their rectangular structure extends from the bottom panel till the top panels.
  • Front Panels: – The three front panels provide strength and stability to the side panels apart from protecting the firebox‘s mantel and screen kit.
  • Other panels: – The Real Flame 5950E other panels at the top center, top corner, central and support for the panels. The architecture of the entire fireplace is designed for easy assembly and disassembly. This kind of design makes the fireplace easily portable.
  • The Mantel: – The assembly of the panels and supports make the construction of the mantel. The Real Flame 5950E assembly kit comes with short and long Allen screws, L-brackets, washers and Allen wrenches. You can assemble the mantle by following the instruction manual. This is a simple process since the steps are clearly explained with the help of images and part names to be assembled.
  • Material Strength: – The combination of solid wood and Veneer MDF makes the mantel and the construction very strong. The surface retains its blemish less property for many years under harsh climatic conditions. The material has high resistance factor to thermal expansion and compression. It can withstand humidity and heat without degenerating. The combination of veneer with the MDF makes the material appear like genuine wood. The painting on the MDF material retains its brightness and freshness for many years. The material has a tensile strength of 18MPa which is higher than normal wood. The construction can withstand the high volume of heat generated by the Firebox. The high value of thermal shock resistance makes the construction durable and reliable when the firebox is working at its highest heating capacity. The high sheer modulus property of wood protects the construction from deformation due to heat from the firebox. The processing and pressing of the MDF enhances the thermal properties for expansion, specific heat and conductivity. The interior mantel design ensures that the maximum of net heat generated by the firebox is directed into the room in which the fireplace is placed. Hence the loss of heat is very low in the Real Flame 5950E model.

Real Flame 59050E Firebox Design

The firebox of the Real Flame 5950E has a dimension of 8.5” depth X 19.9 “height X 23.6” width. The heat output is 4780 BTU/Hr. Powered by the 1400 Watt heater the firebox works at the most optimized efficiency level. This could be sufficient for a 150 square feet living room with 8 feet ceiling height.

  • Power Consumption: – The energy efficient rating given by the UL standards is for the low volume of power consumption per hour to generate and maintain the 4780BTU per Hour. This is achieved by the heat retention property of the firebox interiors. Once the heating element reaches the highest point, the power consumption gets optimized till the temperature drops below the standard level. Then the power consumption resumes. This is one property which makes the system energy efficient.
  • Thermal Transfer: – The heat transfer rate of the firebox is consistently maintained at the value you fix using the remote control. The material shielding provided at the exteriors of the firebox prevents the heat from escaping into the interiors of the fireplace. This kind of insulation enhances the working efficiency considerably. The thermal radiation into the room remains consistent. The unique thermal sensor can vary the radiation rate depending on the room temperature you wish to preserve. The ratio of thermal transfer within the interior of the firebox and the thermal radiation is based on the thermal retention. The efficient metal used in the firebox ensures maximum heat retention over extended time. Hence the system is able to work at the peak levels with optimized power consumption. The initial time interval between the turning on of the fireplace and the attainment of maximum heat is also very less. Since the system is vent less you don’t need to provide any external ventilation. This is another method of retaining the room temperature at optimum levels of warmth and heat.
  • Screen Kit: – The screen kit is useful for protecting your children from getting into physical contact with the firebox and the mantel. The unique design of the screen also enhances the aesthetic appearance of the fireplace.

Real Flame 59050E UL Listing

The 1-UL listed Real Flame 59050E conforms to the safety and performance standards of the underwriter Laboratory. The construction and assembly of the mantel along with the exterior body is certified for high strength and functionality.

  • Safety: – The safety standards of UL guidelines for the fireplace safety include the certification of the individual components. All the Real Flame 59050E components are practically tested and certified for structural and functional stability. It applies to the panels, spare parts, assembly wrenches, L-bolts and the Allen screws as well as the fire box.
  • Fuel: – The isopropyl alcohol used in the Real Flame 59050E fireplace can be safely replaced through standard ducts once the stock is exhausted. The container is safely stacked within the interior of the firebox making it safe from accidental spills and fire accidents.


Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace


The Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric TV mantel Fireplace is a state of the art multipurpose room heating system. The dual heat settings of 1360 Watt combined with 675 watt can generate heat of 4600 BYTU/Hour. The cabinet is designed to work as a book shelf and media center furniture.  The Completely wooden mantel is made of high quality MDF. The two open shelves to the right and left of the firebox. The shelf at the top accommodates multiple electronic gadgets like the DVD player, FM radio player etc. The mantle top is wide enough to accommodate any TV of size above 53”. You can place the medium size furniture (50.8” X 30.5” X 33.1”) at any corner of your home conveniently. The zero vent system requires no external ventilation.

Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace Design

The Churchill electric fireplace is easy to assemble and dismantle as you can find the instruction manual with detailed steps. The base panel with a dimension of 50.8” X 30.5” and corner shape carries the entire weight of the mantel 112 pounds (including base panel). The MDF wood has high tensile strength and stability factor. The processes of machine drying and hard pressing               have made the wood highly dense and resistant to heat, humidity and moisture. The assembly procedure starts with the base panel and you can move onto the side panels subsequently. Finally you assemble the top panel and the Churchill electric fireplace is ready to be

Shelf and Cabinet Design

Working within the dimension of 50.8” X 30.5” X 33.1” to accommodate multiple applications could be a complex task, especially when the firebox has to be accommodated at the center of the furniture. The designers have taken special care to carve out the plan for ensuring maximum thermal insulation within the interiors of the firebox mantel. They have also ensured efficient thermal transmission into the room. The utilization of veneered layer ensures long enduring brightness and paint quality on the exterior surfaces.

  • Front Cabinet: – The two front cabinets on each side of the Real Flame Churchill are split into two sections (top and bottom). The height of each section can accommodate decorative, books and encyclopedia etc. The cabinets have sufficient space to accommodate 10to 15 books (small and medium size) in each section.
  • Top Cabinet: – The top cabinet has special provisions for accommodating electrical and data cables for the electronic gadgets. The design ensures no overcrowding of cables.
  • TV Top: – The top panel of the Real Flame Churchill fireplace has the same dimension as the bottom panel. It accommodates a TV of size 53+” having a weight of 110LB.
  • Fireplace mantel: – The dimension of the mantel can fit in a medium size firebox. The Veneered interiors of the mantel are insulated with highly heat resistant coating. This is to avoid the heat transmission within the fireplace interiors and to prevent the premature damages to the wooden parts. Once you have assembled the three main panels and the supporting panels you can easily fit in the firebox into the mantel. The gap between the sides and corners of the firebox and the walls of the mantel is only a few mm. This can enhance the thermal protection features within the mantel.

 Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace Firebox

The dual heat settings with 1350+ 675 watts are designed to provide additional heat transmission into your large size living room. This is a clear improvement over the other models of Real Flame fireplaces. The way these two heaters are placed within the firebox makes the system highly efficient and smart. The smaller capacity heater works as a support for the larger capacity heater. When the optimum temperature is reached within your room, the 1350 Watt heater becomes dormant while the 675 watt heater continues to transmit heat. This can keep the heat constant within the room while saving on power consumption.

  • Heater Rating: – 4600 BTUS/ hour capacity of the firebox can heat a living room with size 12 FT X 16 FT X 8 FT comfortably. Since the heating element is supported by twin heaters, the capacity can increase further.
  • Heating Efficiency: – The heating efficiency of the Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace is enhanced with the help of the firebox interior design. The thermal conductivity and transmission capacity of the interior metallic parts are made more efficient with the complete thermal insulation at the exteriors. Hence the loss of heat is kept near to zero. The other parameter considered is the thermal retention capacity of the fireplace. Even after turning off the power supply the heat retained within the firebox will be able to keep the room warm for a long time.
  • Heating Ambience: – The Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace is known to balance the heating ambience levels within the living room to a considerable extent. The designers have taken care of avoiding the overheating of the heating elements. The automatic system seems to sense the external temperature and vary the ambience levels accordingly. This sort of intelligent heater design has made the Churchill a favored choice among the users.
  • Zero pollution: – The fireplace uses a carbon free fuel for heating. Hence the smoke and soot free design makes it highly eco friendly. This is another factor which makes the device highly energy efficient. The consistency of the flames makes the fireplace work for many hours without need to turn off in between.
  • Absolute Control: – You can get complete hold over the Churchill fireplace with the help of remote control. The long range device lets you turn on/off the device, set the Min/Max heating limits, turn on the auto off timer, control the fuel consumption and make other changes to the settings according to your requirement.
  • Fireplace Screen: – The fireplace screen kit provides absolute protection for your family members while using the device.
  • Simple Maintenance: – The Real Flame 3750E-DE Churchill Electric Fireplace is very simple and easy to maintain.



Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace in White


The concrete cast structure of the Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace in White is powered by a firebox heater working at a capacity of 9,000 BTU/Hour by using gel fuel cans. The pre cast mantel has high heat retention capacity to create ambience heat within large living and bedrooms. The device can run continuously for three hours working at the same efficiency levels. The triangular rear shape of the fireplace makes it easier to place it at the wall corner of your room. The vent less architecture of the fireplace needs no external ventilation and works with no smoke. The molded concrete structure with dimension of 25.3” X 40.9” X 37.6” accommodates a compact firebox and screen kit. The net weight of the concrete model is relatively lesser than the wooden counterpart. It weighs only 65.4 pounds making it a lightweight Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace

Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace Mantel Design

  • Base panel: – The concrete mantel assembly has a base panel which supports the entire structure. It extends to the rear of the firebox in a triangular shape on which the fireplace rests.
  • Side Panels: – There are two side panels in the construction on the right and left. The length of the panel from the base to the top supports the weight of the top panel and the inner part of the mantel from the weight of the top panel.
  • Front panels: – The two front panels of the fireplace seal the frontage part of the firebox and the mantel. The pre-cast panels have high heat resistance.
  • Panel Supports: – Being a solid concrete mold, the panel supports are inbuilt for the panels. You can follow the instruction manual for the assembly of the fireplace in simple and easy steps.
  • Fireplace Layout: – The entire fireplace layout is designed to meet the heating needs of your living room completely.
  • Heating Efficiency: – The heating efficiency of the gel fire is more than the ethanol or isopropyl alcohol based fuel. The multiple gels within the fireplace get lighted by the electric heating element of the heater. Though it is not possible to regulate the flame size, the Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace has the inbuilt mechanism to control the thermal emission into the room. The container holding the fuel releases the gelatinous form in controlled manner. The flame generated by the fuel is consistent in volume and stable.

Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Firebox Mechanism

  • Smokeless Flame: – The design of the gel based Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace heating element generates maximum heat within a specified interval of time. This is due to the smokeless flame generated by the gel. Generally the smoke diminishes the heat generated by the heater, thus increasing the fuel consumption for the same quantity of heat generated. However the efficient design of the heater and the fuel avoid any traces of smoke. The energy released from the burning of the fuel is completely converted into heat with a heat loss of not more than 3% to 4% in the process.
  • Location Independence: – The Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace works on the vent less firebox. Hence you can move it to any corner of your home with or without ventilation.
  • Burning Duration: – The duration of gel flames can extend up to four hours with same levels of efficiency. Since the conflagration is eliminated due to the heating element design, the flames produce optimum volume of heat. The transmission of the heat into the room also remains consistent and constant in intensity.
  • Cost Efficiency: – The initial buying cost of the gel based firebox could be relatively higher compared to the other models. But the fuel efficiency can result in long term cost savings.

Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace Heating Element

The firebox of real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace contains a heating element with efficient sparking parts. The surge protection factor keeps the element from overheating. Hence the lifespan of the element gets prolonged for many years. You will be able to get the best of output from the fireplace without compromising on the temperature levels.

Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace Ambience and Heat

The consistent heat generated by the Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace sets the right ambience within your living room. The heat radiation from the fireplace spreads at an angle of 180 degrees within the room. The smokeless flame is fed by the gel cans which work consistently. The main benefit of the system is its carbon free design which keeps the interiors free from pollution.

  • Efficiency Parameters: – Fuel efficiency is the basic parameter to be considered while buying the electric fireplace. The Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace generates the hat from the central part of the firebox which spreads uniformly and consistently within your room. Once the temperature reaches a specific value (as fixed by you) the heating element temporarily stops working. The excess of heat accumulated within the interiors of the firebox keeps getting emanated into the room at constant rate. This combines with the heat absorbed by the room air molecules and the room temperature is maintained at the designated levels. Once the temperature drops to the minimum threshold level, the heating element gets turned on again. The cycle continues until you are using the system. This will help in maintaining the required temperature levels without many fluctuations.
  • Durability Parameters: – Preventive maintenance can help in increasing the durability of the fireplace considerably. The Real Flame Chateau Corner Gel Fireplace needs minimum maintenance. The only place you need to clean regularly is the firebox. The screen set can be dismantled by following the technical manual of the fireplace. Then follow the procedures for cleaning the interiors of the firebox and the fuel cans. Make sure the fuel is removed from the box while cleaning. The externals of the mantel can be cleaned with the help of a damp cloth without any hassles.


Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle, Oak finish, Adjustable Temperature


The oak wood based Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle, Oak finish, Adjustable temperature is highly rated for its heating capacity of your living room. The 38” mantle can hold the highly efficient firebox and allow you to control the temperature range. The design of the system is created especially for the modern homes with a classical fusion of interior décor. The product has a star rating of 4.7 out of 5 which shows its popularity among the users. The medium weight fireplace can be moved to any location in your home after assembly. The overall construction of the fireplace makes it highly ambient and comfortable to be placed at any corner to get the maximum benefits. Dual heating elements enhance the working efficiency of the system to considerable extent. It helps in maintaining maximum temperature within your room even during coldest seasons.

Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle Design

  • Base panel: – The oak wood base panel supports the complete structure of the home electric fireplace. The design of the base is constructed in such a manner that it extends to the rear of the fireplace and covers the whole body. The triangular corner shape has two benefits for you as a user. The first benefit is the saving on space you get. The maximum room capacity is stated to be 400 square feet by the manufacturers. However the fireplace can be used in rooms with smaller and higher dimensions also. The assembly of the fireplace the base is highly efficient as the construction is supported by the multiple front and side panels along with the back panels whose dimensions are relatively larger compared to the front panels. The reinforcement of the base panel made of oak ensures maximum impact resistance, tensile strength and weight carrying capacity.
  • Side Panels: – the two side panels in the construction are to the right and left. They are supported by the back panel which forms the triangular shape at the middle portion of the fireplace. By placing the device at the corner of your room you are able to increase the coverage area for the heat transmission. The length of the panel from the base to the top (with the separate base provided for the side and front panels) supports the weight of the top panel. The inner part of the mantel weight also gets distributed horizontally to the side panels.
  • Front panels: – The twin front panels of the fireplace have a unique design which is entirely different from the other models. This is divided into two steps. The inner rectangular casing within the exterior mantel provides additional thermal insulation to the firebox. Part of the firebox and the inner mantel are embedded with each other to further compact the size of the appliance.
  • Panel Supports: – The oak panel supports are added for the panels. You can use them to provide extra stability to the system during assembly. You need to follow the instruction manual for the assembly of the fireplace in simple and easy steps.
  • Fireplace Layout: – The entire fireplace layout is designed to meet the heating needs of your living room completely.
  • Heating Efficiency: – The fuel used in the fireplace is carbon free and the zero-pollution fireplace is rated as the most eco friendly appliance. The fuel gets lighted by the electric heating element of the heater. You can efficiently control the flame volume and the heat generated by the fireplace in an efficient manner. The Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle has the technology for streamlining the thermal emission flow into the room. The efficient utilization of the fuel by the system makes it highly energy efficient in nature. The ratio of the energy sued for burning the fuel and the volume of energy released in the form of heat into the room is always in multiples of the former. Hence the fireplace is considered to be among the most feasible systems you can find online.
  • Heating Quality: – The Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle has a double heating element combination with multiple wattage capacity. The 750 watt heating element is stated to be the standby support for the higher capacity heater with 1500 watts. When the optimum temperature is reached during the heating process, the main heating element transfers the control to the supporting element which continues to function. The heat stored within the firebox and the 750Watt heater continue to supply the heat required to keep the room in warm/hot conditions. Once the temperature reaches the specific lower value the system triggers the functioning of the main heater once again. This sort of functionality is known to act as the energy efficiency factor as well as the power saving factor. The overall design of the fireplace can balance the heating ambience levels within the living room. The level to which the ambience is controlled depends on the temperature adjustments you make in the control panel. The control panel design takes care of avoiding the overheating of the twin heating elements. The automated power cut off system can determine the exact value of the external temperature. The other interesting aspect of the ambience controlling in the device is the duration of the thermal retention within the firebox. The intelligent system can retain the heat for long time due to the consistent working of the lesser capacity heating element.

Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle Aesthetics

The color combination, oak wood finishing and the design of the Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle makes it perfect for designer homes. You can place the fireplace in your living room, drawing room, bedroom and kitchen to enhance the appealing aspects of your home interior design.

The Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle is highly cost effective from many aspects. The fuel efficiency, power rating, heater rating and the heating volume of the fireplace are some of the most efficient parameters which make it highly feasible. The ease of power connection and the safety measures adopted in the design and construction make the Home Electric Fireplace, w/38″ Mantle highly preferred among the modern generation fireplace buyers.

Southern Enterprises Grantham Corner Electric Fireplace

Never would have a simple matter like an electric fireplace taken up so much time and energy in their choice.  With the Grantham Corner Electric Fireplace, the customer is bound to find all that would be so needed in a proper electric fireplace that does more than just keep people warm, it actually looks good too.  The very complex nature of the choice of a means to heat the house has over time progressed to more of an expression of oneself than anything else.  With the proper choice of a fireplace it is a means and time to bring out of the woods the expressive talents that were so kept hidden for years.

The Salient Design Points

  • Fire place: The main focus of any fireplace must be the area where the fire actually occurs. In the corner fire place the role of the place of the fire has a particular significance in that it forms a particular focus to a room no matter how large or small the room might be.  The special treatment of this particular model of fireplace that tries to lay out an actual brick fire place is commendable for the simple novelty of approach.  The designers have been successful in creating a good look and feel to a fireplace that has been absent in most attempts taken earlier to this one.
  • Surround feature: Of particular note with this fireplace has been the attempt to create as natural a feel as possible with the provision of a faux river stone surround feature. This adds a dept to the fireplace than without it.  For a small space that the electric fireplace tends to occupy in a room, the surround feature is bound to stress and broaden the entire fireplace layout.  It is also a good attempt at bringing a greater focus to the area than without this feature.
  • Brick inlay: The way the effect of a brick inlay to the fireplace is of particular note. This is a good way to stand out with an effort that takes so little to execute.  The interlock lines that the image of the bricks form adds to the attractiveness of the fireplace and helps it stand out in the presentation.  It does beautifully bring out the effect that the fire is in fact located in the wall rather than on the wall.
  • Ebony finish: With the use of the traditional veneers to cover the surface and also the good use of ebony to form a final outline to the fireplace, it cannot be denied that this is indeed a good effort to stand out in the room. The veneers are particularly useful in keeping the location clean and also provide a smooth finish to the fireplace.

The Design Of The Firebox

It must be said that the firebox to any electric fireplace is central to any heating solution and of particular note must be the efficiency of the given type of heating solution as well.  The continuous nature of operation of most electric fireplaces would make operational efficiencies important to any setup that particularly is designed to produce heat to the best possible manner.

  • Fire unit: The Grantham Electric Fireplace has quite a good heat generating capacity to produce up to 5000 BTU of heat on full steam and can be controlled effectively to produce the optimum effect. With a presentation of the working unit in various hues and colors to suit the situation, the fireplace does more than just heat up an area.  It basically sets the tone to a location and it is possible to heat an area of up to 400 sqft ideally in even the most demanding of situations.  There is quite a flexibility of operation on offer that most people rarely get to use the full complement of different settings available.
  • Enclosure strength: The veneer finish does provide the much needed strength as well as provide a convenience to keeping the unit clean at all times. Even the most stubborn dirt can be removed with a good wipe using a damp cloth at best. A customer can hope to keep a unit in operation for a long time to come with the proper attention being paid to it.  It thus could be considered to be really long lasting enough to meet the needs.
  • The mantle: It is possible to load the mantle to a fair extent and it does not require any soft care as such. Most homes would find this convenient to place artifacts and other pieces of decoration on it.  It is for the better part quite scratch resistant as well.  Thus adding to the overall usability of the product.

The Aesthetics Of The Unit

There are certain items of the furniture that is meant to look good and also to provide certain functionality as well.  The fireplace has been traditionally an area where the family got together during the evenings and also where the grand mum could be had for a consultation.  Every effort has been taken to see that it does retain this basic function with the Grantham Corner Electric Fireplace.  On top of it all the most important feature of what would make a product sell, the affordability.

Thus rolled all together this fireplace is the best on offer in terms of usability and utility that a fireplace could give a customer.  The overall aim of the designers to provide a product that is useful and yet convenient to maintain has been taken care of in this instance.


With certain people there is always a need to shift house from time to time.  This could be in most cases a facet of the means of living that they are accustomed to that takes a lot of shifting to do from time to time.  Weighing in at just over 100 pounds the fireplace can be conveniently dismantled to have it ready for shifting to wherever the customer might want to shift house. This can at times be the greatest single most selling points to a product.

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