Best Corner Fireplaces With TV Stand Reviews

If you would like to get the most of your furniture or want to fit your TV in your living space but cannot find a good way to do so, a Corner Fireplace with TV Stand is what you need. Therefore, if you’re interested in a fireplace that can perform more than function for a fireplace, then we’ve got some great ones for you! They are a excellent choice for people who need to save space in addition to to be able to enjoy a double function furniture piece.

It’s possible to enjoy your fireplace along with your TV at once, or separately if wanted. No longer wasted distance from a fireplace that’s only of use once you would like to have a flamepit. There are distinct layouts to fit everybody’s preference.

Quick Tips Before Choosing the Right Corner Fireplace TV Stand

You will find some things to take into account when considering a corner fireplace TV stand. It may seem like a pretty simple straightforward choice, however, you would like to be certain it’s the best selection for you. Therefore let us discuss those matters.

  1. Do you have a place for a corner fireplace rack?
  2. Heat output needed, pick if you’re trying to take the chill out or if you want an all more warmth.
  3. Size, exactly what size TV have you been intending to put on the stand? How much room do you have to adapt a large part fireplace stand?
  4. What color do you will need to tie into your decor? They come in many different finishes.
  5. Are you seeking whole home heating or just zone heating? These are wonderful for zone heating, however maybe not the whole house.
  6. Do you have a readily accessible plug in where you would like to locate fire-place stand?
  7. Just how thick is your television? Each rack features a weight limit, pick the one that can manage the burden of your television.

Fireplace with TV Stand Reviews

Better Homes and Gardens Ashwood Road Media Electric Fireplace

The wooden stage with this entertainment center is much more than solid enough to maintain many flat panel LCD televisions, also it may keep the weight of up to 100 lbs. So far as width goes, it might carry a television that’s up to 4-5 inches wide. Under the top platform is only a tiny shelf at which you are able to save your social networking apparatus, like your bluray players, cable boxes, or even video game consoles. Doors across the faces of the cabinet start to reveal storage space for the own movies or alternative optical-disk-based networking, your video game cartridges, publish novels, or just any previous knickknacks that you would like to keep coordinated.

The wooden stage with this entertainment center is much more than solid enough to maintain many flat panel LCD televisions, also it may keep the weight of up to 100 lbs. So far as width goes, it might carry a television that’s up to 4-5 inches wide. Under the top platform is only a tiny shelf at which you are able to save your social networking apparatus, like your bluray players, cable boxes, or even video game consoles. Doors across the faces of the cabinet start to reveal storage space for the own movies or alternative optical-disk-based networking, your video game cartridges, publish novels, or just any previous knickknacks that you would like to keep coordinated.

The fireplace itself is still quite potent and will heat up an area of around 400 square feet. It’s a thermostat using 20 quantities of scope, and that means that you may set the warmth that you want the heater to help keep the room in, and also the fireplace will probably maintain those neighboring temperatures. If you need to your apparatus to show off mechanically in the future; as an instance, once you’ve gone to sleep, you certainly can try that too by setting a timer. This really is actually a 1400-Watt electric fireplace.

The fires are flexible just like the warmth, also you can find just four seriousness settings for one to pick from, in addition to a setting to get no flames in any respect. It’s possible to correct most of them with a handheld remote controller irrespective of where from the room you chance to be relaxing and appreciating with your fireplace.
This fireplace also will come with a more 1-year warranty, just in the event the unexpected does occur to your brand new buy, and that means that you may get with reassurance.


Holly & Martin Medium Mahogany Ponoma Fireplace with TV Stand

It is a networking console and fireplace combination which is very well designed. It will surely be a center point in any room of the home. It is going to even add elegance to a home office. This fireplace will create an amazing ambiance and make any room feel snug.

The fireplace comes with a brick design in the interior of the firebox for great, thoughtful appearances. This gives the look of additional thickness also. The flame effects and glowing embers are extremely realistic and can be corrected to create just the correct mood.

The flames are multi-colored and also the ambiance and intensity created can be adjusted. There is not any need to have the heater working to enjoy the flame effects with this fireplace. The heater work can be off whilst the fires are still on.

The fires and fire impacts are all powered with energy efficient LED’s that offer crisp consequences. These will never require replacement. The tempered glass that is found at the front of the fireplace is designed to prevent get too warm, so any young children and pets are going to be safe if they touch it.

The heater within this fireplace was tested and will warm a 400 square feet area in around 24 minutes. There’s just a 4 position adjustable thermostat may be utilized to regulate the heat output signal from 750 g to 1500 watts. A fan blows air out of the unit and also the operation of this fan is nearly silent.

This fireplace also features a special collapsible panel that’ll allow one to put the unit against a flat wall or a corner (ergo the ‘convertible’). The system will adapt a TV of upto 46 inches in width and it can support up to 85 lbs in weight.

If you put in the fireplace against a flat wall afterward the dimensions will probably be 48 inches wide by 15.75 inches heavy and 32.25 inches tall. If it is located at a large part then your measurements will be 48 inches wide by 27 inches deep plus 32.25 inches in height.

You just can’t make a mistake if you are searching for a wonderful functional item of furniture. Especially when it has to do with saving much-needed space. This really is a superb idea turning something which is used sporadically into something which may still be utilized usually by additional ways.

There’s not any wasted space, in addition, it makes it a lot easier to savor two of one’s favourite pasttimes at exactly the exact same time in the event that you opt for. Therefore go on and use the empty corner space and fill it using a gorgeous corner fireplace television stand.



Electric Fireplace TV Stand Heater Corner Or Flat Free Standing Console Media Wooden Entertainment Center


The Electric Fireplace TV Stand Heater Corner Or Flat Free Standing Console Media Wooden Entertainment Center is one of the most compact fireplaces you might have come across so far. The dimension of 32.25″ x 48″ x 15.75″ is capable of supporting 52” TV , an efficient firebox, twin cupboards and a media playing cabinet. Te fireplace is powered by LED heating technology from the 1500 Watt heater. The heating output of the system is rated at 5000BTU. The additional features are flame control, realistic flame effects, adjustable thermostat and remote control etc. With simple assembly procedure the fireplace can fit into any of the rooms in your home comfortably.

Media Wooden Entertainment Center Design

  • Bottom panel: – The high quality wooden panel assembly is supported by the bottom panel of the fireplace. The height of the bottom panel is intelligently split into two sections by the designers The outer step in combination with the inner step can provide enhanced stability to the entire frame and the body of the fireplace. The exterior frame design of the pentagon shape looks elegant and unique. The pentagon form of architecture covers the entire mantel and the furniture. It extends to the rear of the firebox in a pentagon shape on which the fireplace rests.
  • Side Panels: – The twin side panels of the Media Wooden Entertainment Center are split into three small sized cabinets. The heat resistant glass panels protecting the two cabinets are highly impact resistant in nature. They are correctly positioned on the right and left side of the furniture to generate a feeling of expansiveness.  The entire length of the panel staring from the bottom panel until the top supports the top panel weight and the Television placed on it. The pentagon shape of the top gives extra space to accommodate additional gadgets and utilities apart from the television. The Top cabinet placed above the mantel is useful for storing media player electronic gadgets.
  • Front panels: – The two front panels of the Media Wooden Entertainment Center are useful in providing the aesthetic appeals to the furniture and the heating appliance. They also act as sealing elements for the front part of the firebox and the mantel. The space between the sides and the mantel acts as the thermal insulation for preserving the inner temperature of the fireplace.
  • Panel Supports: – Being a solid concrete mold, the panel supports are inbuilt for the panels. You can follow the instruction manual for the assembly of the fireplace in simple and easy steps.
  • Fireplace Layout: – The design of the complete fireplace is converted into an energy efficient construction. The specifications are able to meet the US standard specifications to perfection.
  • Heating Efficiency: – The heating efficiency of the Media Wooden Entertainment Center is higher compared to the other types of traditional fireplaces. The Single 1500 watt heater is sufficient to produce the volume of heat sufficient for the larger living room in your home. The fireplace heating element is able to ignite the LED heating elements. One of the greatest advantages of using the Media Wooden Entertainment Center is the realistic effects generated by the firebox.

Media Wooden Entertainment Center Wood Quality

  • Wood Quality: – The high quality wood used in the fireplace makes the mantel based furniture highly ergonomic and energy efficient in design. The meticulous planning used by the experts has made the construction very strong in nature. The top and side surface finishing are able to retain their originality due to the blemish less property of the wooden material. There has been extended research for many years before the actual material to be used in the fireplace was determined. The Media Wooden Entertainment Center has been able to exploit the results of these extensive research works to the making of the fireplace furniture.
  • Fireplace Durability: – the high tensile strength of the wood makes it possible for the furniture to retain its original conditions under harsh climate. The wooden material assembly has high resistance to thermal expansion as well as thermal compression. Hence it is able to resist the effects of heat and humidity. One of the biggest advantages is that the material is able to work for many years without degenerating its original texture or the color. . The wooden processing method makes the material prolongs the termite resistance property also.
  • Fireplace Aesthetics: – The painting on the wooden material retains its freshness and aesthetic appeals for many years. The wood has the highest value of tensile strength. The average value of the wood used is between 18MPa and 25MPa. Seasoning of the wood can also enhance the tensile strength and stability of the wood to considerable extent. The qualitative parameter of the wood used in Media Wooden Entertainment Center is higher than normal wood. .
  • Heat Resistance: – The heat generated by the Media Wooden Entertainment Center has to be focused completely to the external world (room). Hence the fireplace construction is designed to withstand the high volume of heat generated by the Firebox. The high value of thermal shock resistance makes the Media Wooden Entertainment Center reliable in nature. when the firebox is working at its highest heating capacity. The high sheer modulus property of wood protects the construction from deformation due to heat from the firebox. The processing and pressing of the Media Wooden Entertainment Center wood has enhanced the thermal properties for expansion, specific heat and conductivity. The interior mantel design ensures that the maximum of net heat generated by the firebox is directed into the room in which the fireplace is placed. Hence the loss of heat is very low in the Media Wooden Entertainment Center.
  • Fireplace Feasibility: – the fireplace is technically and economically feasible. This is due to the power saving, multipurpose application, and the unique and efficient design. You will be able to appreciate the real value of the Media Wooden Entertainment Center once you start using it in the long run.




Walker Edison Jackson Collection- W48FPCRBW 48″ Wood Corner Media TV Stand Console with Double Doors and Electric Fireplace in (MDF)


This product from Walker Edison Jackson collection is sophisticated furniture accommodating a TV stand and an electric fire place. The unique design integrates two side cupboards with three shelves and an open cabinet between the TV stand and the fireplace insert. The top stand supports most of the televisions up to 50” in size and 250 LBs in weight.

Table Design

  • Supporting Legs: – The six leg base supports reinforced with six solid horizontal wooden straps provide unyielding support for the entire structure. The height of the legs extends from the base till TV stand bottom.
  • Side Shelves: – The two side shelves with double doors have 3 cabins with glass panels that are strongly tempered. This is at four times stronger than the normal glass. Since the glass is subject to controlled thermal treatments, the exterior surface is compressed while the interior surface is strengthened to withstand heat and impact effects. The manufacturing process ensures compressing up to 10K PSI. Hence the glass can withstand impact pressure up to 24K PSI. The glass can also resist constant heat emanated by the fireplace insert. It has a high thermal shock resistance which prevents breaking due to excess heat.
  • MDF Material: – The mechanical strength of the medium density fiberboard (MFD) MDF is very high. The density and inner strength of the interiors are due to the sophisticated pressing methods used while manufacturing. The interiors are absolutely free from void space and the wood has a soft exterior. The specific thermal is resistance 7.14 for MDF. The average material density of 600KG/cubic meter makes the wood highly durable and impact resistant. These two properties make the Walker Edison Jackson Collection- W48FPCRBW highly heat resistant. The wood belongs to the ASTM standards material with lower sound transmission loss. Sound transmission is very high compared to other types of wood. Hence you can experience highest level of surround sound effects from the inbuilt and additional speakers attached to your television. The smoke resistance property of the wood for flaming and non flaming sources is very high. Hence the material doesn’t break or degenerate when the fireplace insert is used consistently for many years. Moreover the wood has highest dimensional stability and chemical resistance. The added advantage of MDF is its low maintenance. You can use a simple neutral cleaning solution with a dampened cloth for wiping the surface. You can even clean the glass shelves perfectly. There is no need for polishing since the finished surface is highly resistant to wear.  You can safely place the Walker Edison Jackson Collection- W48FPCRBW in your drawing room, living room and bedroom or even in the basement floor with absolutely zero risks. The wood is highly resistant to humidity and moisture. Hence probability of termites attack is near to zero under standard conditions. The wood is free from all sorts of allergens that normally affect the other types of wood. Hence your family can feel safe about hygiene and health when you use the furniture in your home.
  • Open Cabinet: – The open cabinet between the top TV stand and the fireplace insert is designed to provide optimum space for CD players, speakers, power stabilizers and power cord extensions.
  • Top TV-Stand: – The top stand has a width of 20+” and length of 40+”. Hence you can accommodate additional electronic gadgets apart from the Television without any issues.

Fireplace insert

The fireplace is made of rust free metal having high value of tensile strength and heat transmission. The outer layers of the insert are coated with heat preserving material. Hence the internal transmission of the heat to the wooden parts is nearly zero.

  • Insert Architecture: The architecture of the insert’s interior is shaped to focus maximum heat transmission to the exterior. It can heat your drawing room, bedroom and the living room to ambient temperature.
  • Heating Element: – The advanced heating element(s) used in the insert makes it highly safe and secure. Efficient temperature control keeps your room warm and cozy. The flaming effects from the insert can last for extended hours during coldest of winter seasons. The area optimization within the insert makes it perfect for constant heating without temperature fluctuations.
  • Power Supply: – The plug in type of power supply makes it easy for the table to be shifted to any of the rooms in your home with no hassles. All you need is a power source of 110-120Volts. You can extend the power cord length by using a standard extension kit.
  • Enhanced Safety: – The entire fireplace insert is tested in real time conditions for fire and electrical safety ad certified. The molding structures within the interior and exteriors protect the furniture’s wooden parts from direct exposure to heat and flames.

Furniture Assembly

Walker Edison Jackson Collection- W48FPCRBW can be assembled easily with the help of attached e-manual you get. Interlocking parts and compact design make it easily portable in nature.

Aesthetic Appeal

The aesthetic appeal of the Walker Edison Jackson Collection- W48FPCRBW makes it highly preferred for enhancing the interior beauty of your home in any room. The Barnwood color and stylish architecture combines the features of classical style appearance and modern construction. The laminate finish and compact structure makes the table and fireplace insert assembly highly space saving in nature.

Top Benefits

  • Smoke free insert ensures maximum safety
  • Works just like traditional fireplace with no need for external fuel
  • Eco friendly in all aspects
  • Overheat protection
  • Fast and simple maintenance with easy assembly
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Extended heat preservation within the room interiors
  • Highly cost effective
  • Highly durable under extreme climatic conditions
  • Rust proof metallic parts and termite proof wood
  • Ambient effects within the room interiors
  • Fast heating and temperature sustenance over extended period
  • Perfect for modern homes with high end interior designs.


The product weighs 117 pounds. Overall dimension is 20” X 48” X 32”.



WE Furniture 48″ Wood Corner Fireplace Media TV Stand Console – Traditional Brown


This product from WE Furniture collection is a composite TV stand that incorporates a fully fledged Media function with a TV stand and a number of compartments that could be used to show case objects or can be put to use as a possible book shelves.  The very unique design incorporates an electric Fireplace that is completely in agreement with the overall design of the stand.  With the stand capable of standing up to a weight of 250 lb, it is strong enough to handle most modern TVs of roughly 50 Inches and below.  The burnished finish is meant to help the stand blend in with most requirements of a futuristic furniture piece of today.

Table Design

  • Supporting legs: Made of hollow tubular sections that are powder coated to provide an external finish that can be used in most homes the fireplace is strong enough to hold up the typical needs of a good home and beyond.
  • Side shelves: The unique hexagonal shape ensures that there are two sides to the structure that can be utilized to store away books or any items as a show pieces. The tempered glass covering make it suited to a wide range of items and has a sufficient depth to do so too.  The strict quality standards adopted ensure that quality is simply not just skin deep and the shelves can take fair bit of loading as well.  The external burnished finish adds to the overall appeal as well as a contemporary look and feel to the unit and the room that gets to house the fireplace.
  • Fireplace: With a depth to feel that mimics the actual stuff, the electric fireplace is what adds a tough of real class to the shelf. It is also the center of focus of the whole construction and is best designed to draw attention to its existence.  Rather than be sitting in a corner the whole construction makes it presence felt right around for all to notice.
  • TV Stand: There cannot be the mistaking the strength given by the cross beam formation that graces the bottom of the TV stand and away from view. This not just is a practical approach but does add to the feel of the stand by getting to reduce the profile of the construction.  Often the contrast that a good TV provides to the viewer would stand out for its clarity at all times of the day.
  • Audio deck: Just over the fireplace and between the bases of the TV support is the deck space that can accommodate a good piece in its small space. There is surprisingly a depth of space available that would not be very evident at first glance and this is what makes an audio deck stand out.  It is also the most reachable of heights for a deck and does add to the overall feel to the fire unit.

The Fireplace

That a rust free design and construction is on top of contemporary designers goes without saying.  Added is the wood burnished look that is meant to look its part in any room be it a drawing, bed, or a dining area.  There seems to be a general radiance that seems to spread the warmth to all parts of the room that is using this electric fireplace.

  • Heating element: People that have been using electric heaters would often speak of the capacity of a heater to keep a place warm and realize the role played by the element, the heart of any electric heater. There is a very usable element that can be used by making use of any standard home power outlet without any need for providing an additional wiring.
  • Splash proof design: In use with this very unit is a design that emphasizes the term splash proof. There is no possibility that water or any liquid can enter the innards to cause damage to equipment or to person at any time and under most foreseen operating conditions as well.  The stress on safety to people and material would get more important as we move ahead in time and this factor is going to help keep this particular model for a long time to come.
  • Tempered glass: The use of tempered glass ensures a level of safety not seen in electric fireplaces earlier and stresses the importance accorded to safety at operational spaces that the product could find itself in use. The toddlers too are safe to be near and around the unit when it operation.

Portability Factor

It might surprise people that something this robust and strong can be put to use very practically.  The entire cabinet including the heating unit comes completely dismantled after due testing to be erected at any location that it might be deemed suitable.  With very simple use of joinery and fasteners putting together a complete piece from its completely knocked down condition is but a breeze, the entire steps are elaborated out in the accompanying print out.

Moving places are simple as well; just reverse the entire process to get back a compact offering to take around to any location.  It doesn’t need much of a muscle power to cart the fully packed fireplace either.  At around 107 pounds it is one of the lightest in terms of weight and what is on offer in the market.


The overall wood burnish finish can be made to complement any type of layout and room design.  From being contemporary the designers have taken pains to ensure that there is certain timelessness about the entire design.

The electric fireplace is best considered as a blend of modernity and practicality.  The application of modern concepts have ensured a product that is light weight as well as strong to take a fair amount of loading too.  With the future products needing to be innovative in design and use, this product from Walker Edison Furniture Company is truly remarkable for the flexibility on offer in its use.


Weighing in at 107 pounds it measures at 20 x 48 x 32 inches overall.

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