Electric Fireplaces – The Best Addition to your Home | Electric vs Gas Fireplace Comparison

The rising price of gas has made electric corner fireplaces an energy efficient low-cost solution to a gloomy, chilly room.  Electric corner fireplaces are not only inexpensive but are flexible enough in size and design that they are suitable for apartments or homes in place of wood stoves or fireplaces.  As far as maintenance is concerned, electric corner fireplaces are vastly superior to traditional fireplaces, for they are cleaner by far and easier to access for tidying up.

Yes, electric corner fireplaces are the best single remedy for the dim chill of frosty nights and provide months of lasting pleasure and warmth all winter long.


Corner Fireplace Ideas

Electric corner fireplaces are available in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, finishes, and designs, many with fine veneers of oak, cherry, and wood. The very breadth and appeal of the units available are staggering, and a homeowner’s choice is limited only by one’s budget, unit size requirements, and room/furniture harmonizing considerations.

The installation of an electric corner fireplace instantly improves the atmosphere of any room.  Usually placed in the dark corner of otherwise wasted space, it quickly brightens and warms the vicinity for many square feet, and lends its wonderful magic even beyond, to other areas of the home.

Family members and friends eagerly gather around the dancing flames and soothing warmth of an electric corner fireplace for pleasant conversations, games, and fellowship.  Meals and snacks, holiday beverages and such become more tasty and enjoyable when served before the soft, comforting light of an electric corner fireplace.  Winter’s gloom is banished forthwith to the outskirts of the home, where it belongs.

Children especially are blessed and enchanted by the presence of an electric corner fireplace in the home.  They seek out its benign, cheerful glow and sit before it for hours playing quietly and enjoying its soothing benefits.

But adults are not immune to the charms of electric corner fireplaces, either, not by any means!  Games of backgammon, cards, and darts are much more lively in the presence of an electric corner fireplace.  Soccer matches, TV programs and just plain “visiting” become more animated and pleasurable in a room brightened and warmed by an electric corner fireplace.

And as for the neighbors and friends, watch your winter popularity skyrocket with the installation of an electric corner fireplace!

Electric Fireplace Reviews

Claremont Corner White Electric Fireplace

The Claremont Electric fire television Stand is finished in ivory to provide a sharp appearance for your space, which makes it perfect for matching with most decors. Its lasting design and supreme quality parts will guarantee that it is going to require little maintenance and that it’s going to last you for quite a very long time.The Claremont Electric fire television Stand is finished in ivory to provide a sharp appearance for your space, which makes it perfect for matching with most decors. Its lasting design and supreme quality parts will guarantee that it is going to require little maintenance and that it’s going to last you for quite a very long time.

A thermostat is also included, that isn’t difficult to operate and the overheat protection will keep this chimney from overheating. You will have the ability to adjust the brightness of this realistic seeming fires and also the LED lights which make the flames have a long distance and also will continue to keep the fireplace well lit for several years into the future without having replacement.

This fireplace provides around 5000 BTU of heat and is capable of warming a room of up to 1500 sq toes in only twenty five minutes, and it will be a speedy and efficient heat time period.

The ivory finish mantel has closets to either side to ensure that you are able to display your ornaments or store your media. The storage containers can be corrected to be at the height that you need them to be on save the belongings. The media exhibit mantel additionally supports a 50-inch flat screen television with a weight of up to 85lb.

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Duraflame DFS-550-21-BLK Electric Fireplace Stove

This electrical fireplace stove can be really an amazing direction of fireplaces including the true appearance of the conventional stove for the house minus the one of those cleansing or venting which accompanies it. This electrical fireplace stove can be really an amazing direction of including the true appearance of the conventional stove for the house minus the one of those cleansing or venting which accompanies it.

To give loads of warmth, this stove generates 4,600 BTU of warmth also it’s convenient for chambers of around four hundred square toes. It’s likewise free-standing therefore that you won’t need to be anxious about any high priced setup.

The stove is produced of an alloy to provide a genuine appearance also to give durability, security, and endurance. It even offers a totally functioning door using a functional grip.

Throughout the screening window at the entranceway, you are going to realize the sensible angina fires using all logs. The log mattress actually includes pulsating embers to provide a straight more lifelike appearance. It’s possible for you to take pleasure in the expression of this fire-place throughout the year with no need to reheat the property since they can certainly be properly used minus the heating work should you want.

The stove itself remains cool to your signature so that you are able to use it securely from your house as it pertains to overheat security to stop elements from getting ruined.

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VonHaus Portable Electric Fireplace

The VonHaus transportable fire-place is really a rustic-looking equipment which is equally incredibly potent and really lightweight, so which makes it the right heating selection for virtually any room at residence or workplace. It’s all of the normal security attributes and will be properly used for fire effects without having defying warmth. It will include an adjustable thermostat that will assist you to maintain your space in a predetermined temperature degree.

Though it’s not too big, it will function just like any other electrical fireplace. It functions at 5,200 Btu and also can heat a 1,000-square-foot space. In other words in view, the typical living room is more normally approximately 400 sq foot. It’s two heating choices, high and low, which means you may discover the environment which is most appropriate for you personally. You may fix the warmth dial and also have the fire-place hold a particular temperature. Regrettably, this dial is not numbered which means you’ll need to experiment together until knowing exactly what environment is most appropriate for you personally.

Inexpensive, easy to install, decorative and appreciated by everyone all winter long…  electric corner fireplaces are the perfect family gift that “keeps on giving!”

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Electric Vs. Gas Fireplaces

By Jaime Mac

Having a fireplace can increase a home’s value by up to 12%. But installing a traditional wood fireplace is expensive and inefficient, but you can choose between more cost effective electric or gas fireplaces. But which one is better? Here are ten benefits of electric fireplaces.

More Cost Effective

Electric fireplaces are much cheaper to buy upfront. Because gas fireplaces are a little more intricate to design and use, they tend to cost a lot more. Typically gas fireplaces start at around $1,000 but electric fireplaces can start at only a couple hundred. Right away, this is an incredible benefit to the electric fireplaces. Of course, as with any purchase, there are customizable options to both, which may increase the cost of either option. But the “more expensive” version of electric fireplaces could still ring in at half the price of a gas fireplace–talk about being cost-effective!

Easier Install

Electric fireplaces are incredibly easy to install–all you need is a working outlet and it’s ready to go! Gas fireplaces, on the other hand, need to be installed professionally because they have to tap into the gas line.. Depending on where you intend to put it, this could get expensive. Electric fireplaces require no professional installation–it’s as simple and easy as plugging in a blender. Now there’s no need to pay for a contractor, or labor, no scheduling time to get an estimate done; you can enjoy the benefits of your new electric fireplace the same day you buy it!


Because there is no actual flame on an electric fireplace, these units are much safer than units using real flames. There is less chance of an accident happening with the flames–a huge benefit if you have kids or pets! Because gas can also turn dangerous on occasion, that is another added benefit of using electric fireplaces–no chance of unexpected gas leaks. Between the safety of avoiding live flames, and the guarantee of no gas leaks, electric fireplaces are easily the safest option on the market. Regardless of what type of fireplace you choose, always stay nearby when it is running, and turn it off when you leave the area.

Cheaper To Run

Electric fireplaces are incredibly energy efficient. Costing just 8 cents an hour to run, they are cheaper than their gas counterparts. Gas fireplaces typically run anywhere from 40 cents an hour to $1.31 an hour–over time that cost can really add up. Electric fireplaces won’t drive up your energy bills too much and will help keep your home or apartment warm and cozy. It really seems like there are no downsides to electric fireplaces!

Maintain constant temperature

Many electric fireplace models have an adjustable thermostat setting. This helps it moderate a consistent temperature in the room. While the “flames” will remain on, the heater inside will cycle on and off. This helps keep it from getting too warm in the room or wasting your money. Gas fireplaces tend to not have this feature, meaning it can get excruciatingly warm in that room. That can also signal to your home’s thermostat to cycle off the heat in the rest of the house making it colder in other parts. Electric fireplaces make it easy to keep a constant temperature.


One of the things people love about the traditional wood fireplaces is the ambiance they give: crackling fire and the flames they give off. Unfortunately, for most people wood fireplaces are simply not an option. Many newer electric fireplaces have features like noise filters that sound like a crackling fire. Most of them also have flame projections or images to give off the light you’d expect from fireplaces. Electric fireplaces are great options if you’re looking for the romantic ambiance of wood fires.

More efficient

Since gas fireplaces involve an actual flame, there typically needs to be a vent somewhere for smoke to escape. These vents mean at least fifty percent of the heat could escape your home–you’re paying to heat the outdoors! Electric fireplaces, on the other hand, do not require such a vent, meaning the heat will only be in your home. That is the most efficient heat source you could have.

Environmentally friendly

Electric fireplaces don’t give off any harmful chemicals or byproducts–the your home or to the environment. Electricity is one of the cleanest energy sources available, and especially when used with LED bulbs, one of the cheapest. Electric fireplaces are a great way to heat your home without hurting the environment. Especially if you live in an area where electricity is made cleanly (without coal), electric fireplaces are the most energy efficient option.


Because some models of fireplaces are rather small, and only require a regular outlet, they are easy to move from one room to another–or if you are moving houses or apartments, they are easy to bring with you! Is one bedroom in your house colder than the rest, move the electric fireplace in there for a couple hours! Are you buying a new home? Take your electric fireplace with you! By being so cost effective and semi-portable, electric fireplaces are a great investment.

Low/No maintenance

Electric fireplaces require very little (if any) maintenance. There is no vent, chimney, or flue to clean. No gas line to occasionally inspect. No ash or byproducts to clean up. At most they might eventually require a new light bulb, although if the one you have is LED, it shouldn’t need that for at least 10,000 hours. With no annual cleaning or maintenance costs, electric fireplaces are an incredible investment that will add an incredible wow-factor to your home.

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